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Produced at the Gaiety Theatre, London, 24 November 1894, 546 performances.

The Shop Girl, the first of the new "musical comedies, was a huge success. The critics were somewhat amazed that the author had provided quite a coherent story, for there had been no story at all in burlesque. The Shop Girl plot concerned a good-hearted millionaire who, rich beyond the dreams of avarice himself, had come back to London to look for the daughter of his chum of the mining camps, to whom a fortune of the quite respectable sum of four million pounds was due. The millionaire, in full evening dress, with a cape lined with scarlet, sang about how he had gone out in the steerage of a liner, to become a miner, and how he had struck it rich in Colorado. The daughter was Bessie Brent, the shop girl, who had already given her hand and heart to Charles Appleby, a gay but impecunious young medical student of good family. It all works out in the end, of course, with Bessie marrying Charles and everyone has had a grand time.

Dramatis Personæ

MR. HOOLEY   (Proprietor of the Royal Stores) Mr. Arthur Williams
CHARLES APPLEBY   (a Medical Student) Mr. Seymour Hicks
BERTIE BOYD   (One of the Boys) Mr. George Grossmith, Jr.
JOHN BROWN   (a Millionaire) Mr. Colin Coop
SIR GEORGE APPLEBY   (a Solicitor) Mr. Cairns James
COL. SINGLETON   (Retired) Mr. Frank Wheeler
COUNT ST. VAURIEN   (Secretary to Mr. Brown) Mr. Robert Nainby
MR. TWEETS   (Financial Secretary to Lady Appleby) Mr. Willie Warde
MR. MIGGLES   (Shopwalker at the Royal Stores) Mr. Edmund Payne
LADY DODO SINGLETON   (Charlie's Cousin) Miss Marie Halton
MISS ROBINSON   (Fitter at the Royal Stores) Miss Katie Seymour
LADY APPLEBY   (Charlie's mother, wife of Sir George) Miss Maria Davis
ADA SMITH   (an Apprentice at the Royal Stores) Miss Lillie Belmore

[Other "Girls" who figured in this cast were Maud Hill, Helen Lee, Ada Belton,
and Marie Halton, who also played " Lady Dodo."]

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