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First performed at His Majesty's Theatre, Walsall, 8th April 1903 and again at the Adelphi on 18th June for one matinee performance. Although the cast contained Savoyards, there appears to be no evidence that the piece was ever played at the Savoy.

Libretto published by J. Miles and Co., [1903], copy in British Library at 11779.f.76(6). No copy of Vocal Score in British Library.

Cast at Adelphi

BOB BERKELEY Strafford Moss
MONS. SARSENET Charles R. Walenn
LADY MABEL Florence Burdett
MINNIE HILL Mabel Burnege

The cast of this performance was that of The D'Oyly Carte "E" Company, who were playing in Clapham that week and obviously drove up to town for the afternoon. Played on tour 1903 with The Pirates of Penzance and Iolanthe with cast: Lulu Evans, Jessie Rose, Strafford Moss and G. Villiers Arnold. Also on tour 1903 with H.M.S. Pinafore, with cast: Charles Walenn, Henry Burnand (later Strafford Moss and ? H. B. Johnston), Florence Burdett and Mabel Burnege. On tour 1904 with H.M.S. Pinafore, The Pirates of Penzance and Iolanthe, with Jessie Rose, Mabel Burnege, Strafford Moss and G. Villiers Arnold (replaced by J. Stringer).


The scene is Mons. Sarsenet's showroom. His milliner, Minnie, is reminiscing over the wonderful time she had the previous night at the ball where she danced all evening with a young man known to her only as Bob. Mabel and Bob, who are engaged, arrive for a viewing of a dress which Bob has designed and which the shop is making for Mabel. Minnie and Bob meet, realise each other's identity and resolve to marry. Mabel, on learning from Mons. Sarsenet that Minnie is the lost daughter of an old military friend of her father, admits that she really loves another, and blesses the union of Bob and Minnie.

The Libretto is available as a PDF file. [120KB]

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