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First performed at the Savoy on 14th February 1888.

No copy of printed libretto or vocal score in British Library, and apparently no copy of libretto filed in Lord Chamberlain's collection.


SMITHERS, the Butler Charles Gilbert
BILL Railway Carmen Henry le Breton
JIM A. Medcalf
DAPHNE, her Daughter Rose Hervey
NIXON, Parlourmaid Miss M. Russell
BEN-ZOH-LEEN, The Slave of the Lamp John Wilkinson

The piece was first presented as a curtain raiser to the revival of H.M.S. Pinafore (which opened on 12th November 1887). It was subsequently presented as a curtain raiser to revivals of The Pirates of Penzance and The Mikado in 1888, and then with The Yeomen of the Guard. When the piece was performed with Yeomen, Brownlow was replaced by Mr. Gordon. Shortly after opening, Le Breton left the Savoy and was replaced by Mr. Smith. In August 1889, Wilkinson replaced George Grossmith as Jack Point and was replaced as the Genie by A. Medcalf. Bowden Haswell replaced Medcalf as Jim. Annie Bernard gave some appearances as Mrs. Jarramie and Nellie Lawrence as Daphne. Rollins (pers. comm.) gives the opening date of this revival as 2nd September 1889 [erroneously, in Low's opinion] and notes W. R. Shirley in place of Wilbraham.

A cast given in a programme in the British Library, agrees with the first above, except that Mr. Jarramie is Mr. Gordon and Ernest is J. Wilbraham. The piece was due to start at 7.30, with Yeomen following at 8.20. The scene is the morning room of Mr. Jarramie's house, Harley Street, London. The programme indicates that of the musical numbers, nos. 1 & 2 are by Franois, and 3, 4 & 5 by Alfred. The programme (no date) is attached to the edition of the libretto of Yeomen at C132.g.53(7). It gives the original cast of the opera but without the 3rd and 4th Yeomen.

A programme of The Pirates of Penzance, hand-dated 30th May 1888 1, has a note that on Saturday afternoons Mrs Jarramie's Genie will not be performed, but instead Mr. Grossmith will give his drawing room sketch entitled Holiday Hall.

1. Low believes that some of the hand-dates on programmes in the Theatre Museum may not be accurate.

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