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1 June 1879


ROYAL ALEXANDRA THEATRE. — Lessee, Mr. E. Saker; Treasurer, Mr. F. Wilkinson — As the result of a friendly managerial arrangement between Mr. Saker and Mr. F. Emery, the "governor" of the Prince of Wales Theatre, H.M.S. Pinafore again anchored in Liverpool for a week on Monday night, manned by the same crew as on her previous voyage to this port, but on this occasion her anchorage ground was at the "Alexandra" as the result of the managerial coalition. This gives an earlier opportunity to residents here of again hearing the familiar strains of the Gilbert Sullivan work than would otherwise have been afforded, as the opera will not again be at the "little house" until after the summer (so-called) has come and gone.

A house packed in every corner showed the interest felt in the performance of the work on Monday evening, and the enthusiastic applause with which principals and the chief numbers were received proved that the representation was again up to the mark. The quarterdeck scene, with Portsmouth in the distance, was as bright and animated as ever, and no small amount of the success secured by the Pinafore on this occasion was due to the tuneful, well-toned, and effective chorus, which sets an example, in the way of spirit and action, which might safely and satisfactorily be copied by those who are similarly engaged in connection with classical opera. The orchestra, too, under the direction of Mr. Van Biene (who proves as good a conductor as he is a violoncellist), added weight and worth to the general representations.

Of the principals it need only be said that repeated performances of the opera since the first provincial rendition at the "Prince" have given greater maturity to their vocalisation and ripeness to their acting. The chief honours on Monday were given to Miss Duglas Gordon (Josephine), Miss Alice Barnett (a singularly attractive Little Buttercup), Miss Haidee Crofton (Hebe), Mr. A. Rousbey (Dick Deadeye), Mr. R. Cummings (Bill Bobstay), Mr. R. Mansfield (the Admiral), Mr. M. Diver [sic] (Captain Corcoran), and Mr. P. Blandford (Ralph Rackstraw).

A morning performance of the opera will be given to-day (Saturday).

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