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No. 4: Recitative & Minuet

"Sir Marmaduke – my dear young friend, Alexis"

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Enter Sir Marmaduke and Alexis.

Dr. Daly
Sir Marmaduke – my dear young friend, Alexis –
On this most happy, most auspicious plighting –
Permit me, as a true old friend, to tender
My best, my very best congratulations!
Sir Marmaduke.
Sir, you are most obleeging!
Dr. Daly,
My dear old tutor, and my valued pastor,
I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

(Spoken through music.)

Dr. Daly. May fortune bless you! may the middle distance
Of your young life be pleasant as the foreground –
The joyous foreground! and, when you have reached it,
May that which now is the far-off horizon
(But which will then become the middle distance),
In fruitful promise be exceeded only
By that which will have opened, in the meantime,
Into a new and glorious horizon!
Sir. Marmaduke. Dear Sir, that is an excellent example
Of an old school of stately compliment
To which I have, through life, been much addicted.
Will you obleege me with a copy of it,
In clerkly manuscript, that I myself
May use it on appropriate occasions?
Dr. Daly. Sir, you shall have a fairly-written copy
Ere Sol has sunk into his western slumbers!

(Exit Dr. Daly. )

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