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The church in the title frame is St. Michael's, Chester Square,
where Sullivan was organist from 1861 to 1867.

Article: "Sir Arthur Sullivan as a Church Musician" from The Musical Times January 1, 1901.

See also Sullivan's Christmas Music and Part Songs.

By the Waters of Babylon
Composed c. 1850. Unpublished.
Sing unto the Lord
Composed 1855. Unpublished. The MS was given by Sullivan to W. H. Cummings and sold at Sotheby's in 1917.
Psalm 103
Composed 1856. Unpublished. Contained in an autograph MS book sold at Sotheby's, 13 June 1966.
We have heard with our ears
(i) Dedicated to Sir George Smart and performed at the Chapel Royal, January 1860.
(ii) Dedicated to Rev. Thomas Helmore. Published by Novello, 1865.
O Love the Lord
Dedicated to John Goss. Published by Novello, 1864.
Te Deum, Jubilate, Kyrie (in D major)
Published by Novello, 1866.
O God, Thou art Worthy
Composed for the wedding of Adrian Hope, 3 June 1867. Published by Novello, 1871.
O Taste and See
Dedicated to Rev. C. H. Haweis. Published by Novello, 1867.
Rejoice in the Lord
Composed for the wedding of Rev. R. Brown-Borthwick, 16 April 1868. Published by Boosey, 1868.
Sing, O Heavens
Dedicated to Rev. F. C. Byng. Published by Novello, 1869.
I Will Worship
Dedicated to Rev. F. Gore Ouseley. Published by Boosey, 1871.
Two Choruses adapted from Russian Church Music
Published by Novello, 1874.
(i) Turn Thee Again
(ii) Mercy and Truth
I Will Mention Thy Loving-kindness
Dedicated to John Stainer. Published by Novello, 1875.
I Will Sing of Thy Power
Published by Novello, 1877.
Hearken Unto Me, My People
Published by Novello, 1877.
Turn Thy Face
Published by Novello, 1878.
Who is Like unto Thee
Dedicated to Walter Parratt. Published by Novello, 1883.
I Will Lay Me Down in Peace
Composed 1868. Published by Novello, 1910.

These MIDI files and scores were created
and donated to the Archive by Paul Howarth.

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