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No. 17: QUARTET (Kate, Dame Carruthers, Fairfax & Meryll)

"Strange adventure"

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Kate, Dame Carruthers, Fairfax & Meryll
Strange adventure! Maiden wedded
To a groom she's never seen —

Dame Carruthers and Fairfax.
Never, never, never seen!

Groom about to be beheaded,
In an hour on Tower Green!

Dame Carruthers and Fairfax.
Tower, Tower, Tower Green!

Groom in dreary dungeon lying,
Groom as good as dead, or dying,
For a pretty maiden sighing —
Pretty maid of seventeen!
Seven — seven — seventeen!
Illustration from Picture Book

Strange adventure that we're trolling:
Modest maid and gallant groom —

Dame Carruthers and Fairfax.
Gallant, gallant, gallant groom! —

While the funeral bell is tolling,
Tolling, tolling, Bim-a-boom!

Dame Carruthers and Fairfax.
Bim-a, Bim-a, Bim-a-boom!

Modest maiden will not tarry;
Though but sixteen year she carry,
She must marry, she must marry,
Though the altar be a tomb —
Tower — Tower — Tower tomb!

Tower tomb! Tower tomb!
Though the altar be a tomb!
Tower, Tower, Tower tomb!

Exeunt Dame Carruthers, Meryll, and Kate.

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