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From The Glasgow Herald (Glasgow, Scotland), Tuesday, November 1, 1881; Issue 261.

"That infernal nonsense "Pinafore", as Gilbert not inaptly calls his own work, is once more being presented to local playgoers, this time at the Gaiety Theatre. It is announced as the "farewell visit," and some are inclined to think that the piece is pretty well played out. That the opera, however, has still attractions is evident from the very numerous audience who "assisted" at the performance last night.

And it was not a particularly brilliant rendering either. Somehow or other, it seems to be the case with all these comic opera companies that on each succeeding visit there is a gradual falling off alike in the abilities of the performers and the general artistic finish of the representation. So it has been with "Pinafore;" and in the present case the acting and the singing are rather unequal, the humour of the "skit" has gained in breadth, and the "business" has become more demonstrative.

Yet the opera goes with great gusto, and was evidently fully appreciated by the audience. One or two of the parts were sustained with considerable ability. There is a winsomeness in Miss Marion Grahame's acting and a fulness and freshness in her singing as Josephine; and Miss Bessie Armytage, if not a plump, is a fairly pleasing personage as Little Buttercup.  Mr. John Le Hay made up for his vocal weakness by the cleverness with which he "put" his lines and generally played the part of Sir Joseph; Mr. Deane Brand was scarcely equal to the requirements of the Captain; and Mr. "Nelson" Varley, once familiar as a concert-room singer, was evidently hardly fitted to undertake the prominent role of Ralph.  The choruses were sung with spirit, and Mr. Ralph Horner conducted an efficient orchestra.

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