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Ruddigore First Night Cast List

First produced at the Savoy Theatre, London, by Mr. Richard D'Oyly Carte on Saturday, 22nd January, 1887.

Dramatis Personæ

Robin Oakapple (A Young Farmer)
Richard Dauntless (His Foster-Brother, A Man-o'-wars-man)
Sir Despard Murgatroyd (Of Ruddigore, A Wicked Baronet)
Old Adam Goodheart (Robin's Faithful Servant)
Rose Maybud (A Village Maiden)
Mad Margaret
Dame Hannah (Rose's Aunt)
Zorah (A Professional Bridesmaid)
Ruth (A Professional Bridesmaid)
Sir Rupert Murgatroyd (The First Baronet)
Sir Jasper Murgatroyd (The Third Baronet)
Sir Lionel Murgatroyd (The Sixth Baronet)
Sir Conrad Murgatroyd (The Twelfth Baronet)
Sir Desmond Murgatroyd (The Sixteenth Baronet)
Sir Gilbert Murgatroyd (The Eighteenth Baronet)
Sir Mervyn Murgatroyd (The Twentieth Baronet)
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd (The Twenty-first Baronet)

Chorus of Officers, Ancestors, and Professional Bridesmaids

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ACT I - THe Fishing Village of Rederring, in Cornwall

ACT II - The Picture Gallery in Ruddigore Castle

The Scenery painted by Mr. Hawes Craven (by permission of Mr. Irving). The Military Uniforms by Messrs. Cater & Co., from designs supplied by the Fine Art Gallery, 61, Pall Mall. The Ancestors by Mdme. Auguste from designs by Wilhelm. The ladies' dresses by Mdme. Augute. The incidental dances arranged by Mr. John D'Auban.

TIME. Early in the Present Century

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